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About the artist

This year's EcoFarm Conference artist is Michael Welch.

Born and raised in Northern California, Michael majored in art at California College of the Arts and Sacramento City College. Michael's background includes acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and pen and ink drawing. He became interested in "new media" because of the new avenues for creativity it offers.
"Throughout the last year of isolation created by the pandemic, along with the political and cultural divisiveness I found myself increasingly turning to nature. Long walks
through local neighborhoods with their ever-changing seasonal gardens coupled with weekly hikes in West Sonoma and West Marin counties.
New leaf growth in early spring caught my eye, with the morning sun illuminating the surface bringing up gem like reds and golds. The amazing patterns the branches of trees created silhouetted against the sky. And then the flowers, both garden variety and wild. My senses were turned up a notch and the impact stayed with me long after the experience itself.
The most amazing discovery for me is as I became aware of these random moments of communion even more opportunities appeared. Maybe they were always available and I was just too self absorbed to appreciate them, or maybe the universe was simply responding to my deepening appreciation. It seems as if as my awareness and appreciation deepens nature responds in her own unpredictable ways.
My current work is wrapped up in these experiences. The appreciation I feel for the uplifting sense peace I received in difficult times inspire me to allow my creative process to reflect and hopefully share a little of my experiences with others..
I currently create my work using Photoshop as my platform. My work is painted with the brush tool. Photoshop allows me to adjust colors and manipulate my work in order to create the desired effect I'm looking for. The work is printed on high quality canvas using archival pigments. I sometimes add depth with tinted acrylic gels."
- Michael Welch