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Climate & Agriculture

The Ecological Farming Association is a member of CalCAN - a coalition that advances policies to support California agriculture in the face of climate change. 
CalCAN brings a sustainable agricultural perspective to climate change and agriculture policy. Its goal is to make more resources available to California farmers to achieve a widespread transition to on-farm practices that deliver climate and other environmental and health benefits.
The three top campaign priorities are:
1. Climate Smart Agriculture Programs — The state of California has begun investing cap-and-trade revenue in voluntary actions on farms and ranches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon. CalCAN has been a leading proponent of investments in farmland protection on lands at risk of sprawl development, water conservation and building healthy soils.
2. Renewable Energy and Water and Energy Efficiency — CalCAN advances policies to make it economical and practical for California farmers to continue leading the country in on-farm renewable energy production, and to improve water use efficiency. These actions reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and make farms more resilient in the face of drought and fluctuating energy costs.
3. Influencing State Climate Plans — To meet its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target, California prepares roadmaps to meet the target. The state also prepares climate adaptation plans and research priorities. CalCAN is a key advisor on the agricultural elements of these and other state climate plans.
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