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The Ecological Farming Association provides a grassroots, open forum for planning each year's EcoFarm conference. The EcoFarm Planning Committee, comprised of volunteers, represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds who review workshop suggestions, discuss, and then vote on the top picks. While core offerings are technical in nature and geared towards farmers, a wide range of food and farming topics are always in the mix.

Workshop topic suggestions are open to the public - collected each year in the early summer. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, distributor, retailer, consumer, industry rep, consultant, activist, consumer or educator, we want to hear from you!

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the EcoFarm Planning Committee, whose dedication and efforts make the EcoFarm Conference possible.

Diversity Advisory Committee

In an effort to achieve a more inclusive culture at EcoFarm, EcoFarm has established a Diversity Advisory Group which has set up immediate and long term goals for the upcoming conference, and those to come. 

Hank Herrera, Karen Adler, Thea Marie Carlson, Chanowk Yisrael, Peter Ruddock, Carla Rosin, Joy Moore, Debby Zygielbaum, Javier Zamora, James Nakahara, Dina Izzo, Sarah Arndt, Lisa Bunin, Rebecca North, Maria de la Fuente, Shakirah Simley.

EcoFarm Planning Committee

THANK YOU to the EcoFarm Planning Committee who are instrumental in producing conference content and coordinating workshops:

Karen Adler - Karen S. Adler, Inc., Tim Bates - The Apple Farm, Jo Ann Baumgartner - Wild Farm Alliance, Patricia Joy Becker - Your Health and Joy, Lisa Bunin – Organic Advocacy, Amigo Cantisano - Organic Ag Advisors, Cathy Carlson - Las Lomas Lavender and Honey,  Thea Marie Carlson - Biodynamic Association, Bill Cook - The Mushroom Farm, Kelly Damewood - CCOF, Maria De la Fuente - UCCE, Sam Earnshaw - Hedgerows Unlimited, Benjamin Fahrer - Cornerstone Farms LLC, Adrian Fischer - CCOF, Ken Foster – Terranova Ecological Landscaping, Stephan Garaffo - Tend, Paul Hain - Hain Ranch Organics, Hank Herrera - New Hope Farms, Dina Izzo – BluDog Consulting, Hansel & Sue Kern - Kern Family Farm, Reggie Knox - California FarmLink, Karen Lowell - NRCS, Mika Maekawa - California FarmLink, Nicole Mason – Veritable Vegetable, Joy Moore - KPFA Radio, James Nakahara - Spiraledge Farm, Rebecca North - The Fruit Guys, Steve Peters - Seed rEvolution Now! , Carla Rosin - Sebastopol Farmers' Market, Peter Ruddock - California Food Policy Council & Slow Food California, Nolan Schmidt - Tower Urban Family Farms, Michele Smith-Jefferies - Earl’s Organic Produce, Zea Sonnabend - Fruitiliscious Farm, Steve Sprinkel - Farmer & the Cook, Jerry Thomas - Thomas Farm, Karen Van Epen - ATTRA/NCAT, Kathy Webster - TomKat Ranch, Evan Wiig - Farmers Guild, Tom Willey - Farmer Emeritus, Thomas Wittman - Gophers Limited, Chanowk Yisrael - The Yisrael Family Urban Farm, Javier Zamora - JSM Organics, Debby Zygielbaum - Robert Sinskey Vineyards