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The Ecological Farming Association provides a grassroots, open forum for planning each year's EcoFarm conference. The EcoFarm Planning Committee, comprised of volunteers, represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds who review workshop suggestions, discuss, and then vote on the top picks. While core offerings are technical in nature and geared towards farmers, a wide range of food and farming topics are always in the mix.

Workshop topic suggestions are open to the public - collected each year in the early summer. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, distributor, retailer, consumer, industry rep, consultant, activist, consumer or educator, we want to hear from you!

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the EcoFarm Planning Committee, whose dedication and efforts make the EcoFarm Conference possible.

Diversity Advisory Committee

In an effort to achieve a more inclusive culture at EcoFarm, EcoFarm has established a Diversity Advisory Group which has set up immediate and long term goals for the upcoming conference, and those to come. 

  • Karen Adler - Karen S. Adler, Inc.
  • Thea Marie  Carlson, Biodynamic Association
  • Chanowk Yisrael, Yisrael Family Farm
  • Carla Rosin
  • Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth
  • Joy Moore, Berkeley and Oakland Unified School Districts
  • Hank Herrera, New Hope Farms
  • James Nakahara
  • Aracely Ortiz
  • Peter Ruddock - California Food Policy Council, Slow Money South Bay, Slow Food California
  • Shakirah Simley
  • Javier Zamora, JSM Organic Farms, EcoFarm

EcoFarm Planning Committee

  • Karen Adler - Karen S. Adler, Inc.
  • Sarah Ahern - Feeding San Diego
  • Jo Ann Baumgartner – Wild Farm Alliance
  • Patricia Joy Becker - Yoga and Wellness Coach
  • Lisa Bunin – EcoFarm
  • Amigo Cantisano – Organic Ag Advisors
  • Cathy Carlson - Farm Food Safety Consulting
  • Thea Marie Carlson - Biodynamic Association
  • Bill Cook - The Mushroom Farm
  • Kelly Damewood – CCOF
  • Jan Derecho - EcoFarm
  • Cathy Dobyns - EcoFarm
  • Sam Earnshaw – Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)
  • Benjamin Fahrer - Cornerstone Farms LLC
  • Ken Foster – Terranova Ecological Landscaping
  • Paul Hain - Farmer
  • Hank Herrera - New Hope Farms
  • Dina Izzo – BluDog Consulting / EcoFarm
  • Isabelle Jenniches – EcoFarm
  • Hansel Kern - Kern Family Farm/EcoFarm
  • Sue Kern - Kern Family Farm
  • Reggie Knox – California FarmLink
  • Karen Lowell - NRCS
  • Mika Maekawa - California FarmLink
  • Nicole Mason – Veritable Vegetable
  • James Nakahara - Pie Ranch
  • Rebecca North – The Fruit Guys
  • Carla Rosin
  • Peter Ruddock – Be Healthy Tulare
  • Gabi Salazar - EcoFarm
  • Nolan Schmidt - Tower Urban Family Farms
  • Zea Sonnabend - Fruitiliscious Farm, CCOF, EcoFarm
  • Steve Sprinkel - Farmer & the Cook, EcoFarm
  • Kalita Todd
  • Karen Van Epen – ATTRA/NCAT
  • Michael Weaver - Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Tom Wiley - T&D Wiley Farms
  • Thomas Wittman – Gophers Limited
  • Deborah Yashar – EcoFarm
  • Chanowk Yisrael - Yisrael Family Farm
  • Javier Zamora - JSM Organics, EcoFarm
  • Debby Zygielbaum - Robert Sinskey Vineyards