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Opening Plenary

Hope Beneath our Feet – The Solution to Climate Change is Soil The new Rodale white paper—titled Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change...
Presenter(s): Bill McKibben, Brock Dolman, Gary Paul Nabhan
Location: Merrill Hall (overflow in Chapel)


We’re All Eaters Here: Still Connecting to the Foods We Eat

Deborah Madison has helped shape how people think about food, cooking, health and nutrition. She was the founding chef of Greens restaurant in San...
Presenter(s): Deborah Madison
Location: Merill Hall (overflow in Chapel)


Successful Organic Farmers

An EcoFarm tradition - Learn what these farmers do, why they do it, and what they’ve learned along the way.
Presenter(s): Don Tipping, Guido Frosini, Joe and Doug and Anthony Perry
Location: Merrill Hall (overflow in Chapel)

El Exito de los Agricultores Orgánicos

Guido Frosini Granjas “True Grass Farms”, Valley Ford, CA Esta tierra ha pertenecido a la familia de Guido desde 1867 y es esa misma prueba del...
Track: En Español


Walking the Edge: Deepening our Magic

In nature, edges, where one ecosystem meets another, are the places of greatest dynamism, energy and creativity. Where the meadow meets the forest or...



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