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Pre-Conference Events

Conference Year: 2015


Applied On-Farm Permaculture Design

This workshop is a facilitated design day with Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Permaculture Program staff: Brock Dolman, Kendall Dunnigan and...

EcoFarm Bus Tour - Organic Farming on the Central Coast

The 28th annual EcoFarm Bus Tour promises a diverse and informative farm tour on the first day of EcoFarm. This all-day field trip will visit 4...

Central Coast Livestock Producer Summit: Exploring Producer-led Solutions to Processing Bottlenecks

The Summit will be a producer-led meeting of the Farmers’ Association Central Coast Meat Producers Committee, focusing on the feasibility of...

Cultivating Organic Seed Stewardship

A vibrant and enduring agriculture starts with the seed. This all-day interactive session will provide a deeper understanding of the history, culture...



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