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Chinese Medicinal Herbs: An Emergent Organic Market

The expanding use of herbal medicine has greatly stimulated U.S. consumption of traditional Chinese herbs. However, tests of herbs grown in China show significant contamination from pesticides, heavy metals and human pathogens. This creates a great opportunity for U.S. organic growers of all scales to produce Chinese medicinal herbs for domestic and global markets. Michael Broffman and Michael McCullough, long-time practitioners of Chinese herbal therapy, will discuss which herbs can best be grown in the U.S. and how growers can participate in this developing market. Peg Schafer, an organic grower of Chinese medicinal herbs and author of The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm: A Cultivator’s Guide to Small-Scale Herb Raising, will detail specific growing practices for the herbs in increasing demand.


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C | 3:30 pm

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