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Connecting with Customers through Online Channels

Online grocery stores offer an opportunity for farmers to provide a full line of products from fridge to pantry. For an individual farm a webstore can be profitable as long as farmers have a detailed, efficient packing process and expertise with computers. Until recently, selling agricultural products face-to-face has often been a farmer’s best option. But as the marketplace has evolved, farmers’ markets, CSAs, and farm stands may no longer be enough to handle a farm's entire output. Farmers can expand their product list by selling both fresh and processed products. However, this brings new challenges: the need for multiple invoices and precise bookkeeping, and the ability to speak politely with many different buyers in a retail business. In this workshop you will learn how to work with online companies, what it takes to be an online grocer, and what it means for your farm to have a webstore.


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D | 10:30 am

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