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El Salvador’s Small-Scale Farmers Reclaim Organic Wisdom and Ancestral Values

EcoFarm is pleased to host a delegation of Salvadoran farmers whose work has been central to their country’s recovery from devastating civil wars. The visitors hope to make connections, exchanging perspectives and practices with farmers here. Speakers represent MAOES (Organic Agricultural Movement of El Salvador) and the Mangrove Association, a grassroots group of subsistence farmers and fisherfolk who work to protect and restore local ecosystems.

The MAOES farmers will talk about the power of organic agriculture to liberate growers from transnational corporations, making it possible for families to stay on the land. They will explain how they strengthen rural communities, recover native agro-biodiversity, regenerate soil health, and preserve seeds. Members of the Mangrove Association promote alternative farming methods, especially the ancestral strategy of diversified agriculture. They emphasize the importance of saving native seeds, which they see as hardy guarantors of people’s food security and sovereignty, particularly as commercially produced seeds demonstrate weakness of habitat adaptability.
Presented in Spanish with interpretation into English.
Funded by the Arkay Foundation

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F | 3:30 pm

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Fred Farr



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