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Pest Resistance Management: Alternating Materials for Better Organic Pest Control

It is well known in both organic and conventional farming that pests and diseases can develop resistance to materials used to control them. Many new products promote themselves as important tools in resistance management by using various modes of action and attacking different life stages of pests. Products that are relatively successful in slowing down a pest's adaptation towards resistance are those that combine toxicity, reduced egg hatch and repellency, or those that take new and different paths to control. A seasoned pest management advisor and an innovative manufacturer of biological products will explore which materials are appropriate and how to select an approach to resistance management. 
This workshop is approved for 1.5 Integrated Pest Management CEUs for Certified Crop Advisors and 1.5 CEUs for Pest Control Advisors.


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Seasoned Farmers & Ranchers
F | 3:30 pm

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