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Slow Tools Roundtable Discussion

Small-scale diversified farmers cannot easily meet market opportunities without improving the efficiency of their day-to-day operations. One limiting factor is the scarcity of tools and mechanization that are well-suited to small farms. The gap separating industrial agricultural technology and home garden tools leaves small-scale farmers caught between tools that are either too big and clumsy or too small and flimsy. We are looking to change that by elevating small farms into a relevant and challenging “design space” for collaboration among farmers, engineers, schools, local makers, and industrial manufacturers. Slow Tools is a design/build organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a collaborative design process to meet the needs of small-scale farming. Working on the East Coast over the past four years, with the support of Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, Slow Tools has developed innovative equipment and designs for a modern system. We invite you to join our first West Coast round table. Bring your ideas!


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G | 8:30 am

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