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Walking the Edge: Deepening our Magic

In nature, edges, where one ecosystem meets another, are the places of greatest dynamism, energy and creativity. Where the meadow meets the forest or the ocean meets the shore, we find the most diversity, and also the most stress. Let's explore our own edges. How do we walk between worlds? When have we been outsiders, marginalized – and what unique vision arises from the boundaries? How do we challenge our own edges? What boundaries are healthy, and which constrict us unnecessarily? How do we push our own creative edges, taking more risks, pushing our work, our rituals, and expression further into excellence? The tools of ritual – sacred space, meditation, trance, ecstatic drumming and dancing – help us deepen our practice and expand the borders of who we can be.

This presentation will be followed by a closing ritual led by Starhawk.


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Keynote | 10:30 am

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