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We’re All Eaters Here: Still Connecting to the Foods We Eat

Deborah Madison has helped shape how people think about food, cooking, health and nutrition. She was the founding chef of Greens restaurant in San Francisco in 1979 which had one of the earliest farm-driven menus and continues serving this mission today. Deborah is the author of many highly influential vegetarian cookbooks and worked as a chef, consultant, and cooking teacher at such acclaimed establishments as Chez Panisse, Tassajara, and Café Escalera, in New Mexico, which she opened with chef David Tanis from Chez Panisse in 1990.

In this session Deborah will talk about the importance of naming the vegetables and fruits one sells whether in coops or farmers markets, for the protection of their future and for helping farmers grow their bottom line. She will also talk about plants we have yet to consider growing commercially, especially those that are comfortable with drought condititons and saline soils. Her tale is told from her point of view as a former chef and farmers market manager; now a humble gardener with a renewed appreciation of the farm and farmers.
Deborah grew up in Davis, California, surrounded by walnut and almond orchards, and fields of tomatoes, sugar beets, and wheat. She was the founding chef of San Francisco’s Greens Restaurant and is the author of 14 cookbooks, including Vegetable Literacy, Local Flavors, and The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. After traveling for some 20-plus years, Deborah decided to stay home to garden. She grew most all of the plant varieties described in Vegetable Literacy. Since then Deborah has deeply renewed her appreciation of the farmers market — and the garden.
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Keynote | 1:30 pm

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Merill Hall (overflow in Chapel)



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