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Kristyn Leach

Kristyn Leach

Kristyn Leach runs the organic Namu Farm in partnership with the restaurant Namu Gaji in San Francisco, owned by three brothers with a Korean background.  Since 2012, Leach has grown vegetables and herbs, particularly heirloom Korean produce, for the neighborhood bistro. An avid seed saver, Leach practices traditional peasant farming methods popular in her birth place. She began Namu Farm at the Sunol AgPark, home to small-scale farmers growing crops on the urban fringe. In 2018, Leach moved her operation to Winters. Her Second Generation seed line is a collaboration with Kitazawa Seed Company, a 103 year old business based in Oakland. She is a member of the Asian American Farmers Alliance and active in community efforts to empower farmers of color.

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Namu Farm
Namu Farm Winters, CA



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