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Leonard Diggs

Leonard Diggs

Leonard works with Pie Ranch as the Director of Operations with oversight of Emerging Farmers and the Cascade Farm Regenerator Program. He was the farm manager of Shone Farm at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), co-owner with his wife of BioFarm - a certified organic vegetable farm in Lake County, and owner/operator of Diggs Organic Farms in Santa Rosa, CA. Leonard was also the farm manager of The Farm, a certified organic vegetable and demonstration farm for the California State Fair. He has served on numerous boards and committees and currently serves on EcoFarm's board. Leonard received a fellowship from the California Agricultural Leadership Program; the Pedro ILIC Agriculture Award for Outstanding Farmer, the Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year Award from the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, Legacy Farmer of the Year from CAFF/The Farmers Guild, and is a current member of the Castanea Fellowship.

Presenter Affiliation: 
Pie Ranch
Pescadero , CA



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