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Compost and Soil Health: A Biodynamic Approach

How can we grow resilience to drought and climate change?

How can we create more healthy and vital soils?
Composting is an essential activity of a healthy and self-sustaining farm. Yet increasingly it is an afterthought, or completely missing from our farms and gardens. As we search for solutions to climate change and drought, composting offers a pathway for building vital soils that nurture resilient crops, and fostering healthier carbon cycles.
During this full-day workshop we will deeply engage in the biodynamic approach to the art of composting. We will cover all of the practical and technical details, including sourcing materials, building and turning piles, and working with the biodynamic preparations. We will also explore how we can develop a qualitative understanding of the dynamic processes in the compost pile, and consider the significance of compost in the whole farm organism.
Led by Bruno Follador, The Nature Institute, Ghent, NY; Harald Hoven, Raphael Garden at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA; Marney Blair, Fulcrum Farm, Grass Valley, CA; Stephen Decater, Live Power Farm, Covelo, CA; Thea Maria Carlson, Biodynamic Association, Santa Rosa, CA
Registration: $110 (organic lunch included)
Scholarships available through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund
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