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Cuban Delegation: Organic Agriculture and Training Programs in Cuba

A delegation of farmers and agronomists join EcoFarm to describe the organic and permaculture movements in Cuba. Isis and Miguel Salcines will introduce us to the origins of the organic agriculture movement in Cuba, including urban/peri-urban farming and home gardening. They’ll describe achievements over nearly 20 years at one of Havana's largest and most successful urban gardens - the Organopónico Vivero Alamar - including its collaboration with Cuban institutes and universities. Speakers will also cover holistic soil management for the sustainable control of pests and disease, their model for cooperative economic development, the social and environmental impact of their farm, and their experience in training Cuban and foreign nationals. Roger Santiesteban, of Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, will describe the success of his family’s urban garden there. It has become nationally and internationally recognized and is a center for training in permaculture. Finally Webley Delince, a Haitian agronomist who trained in Cuba, shares the impact of the Cuban University model on foreign agricultural students, in addition to the methodology for the development of agroecology in agricultural zones to mediate environmental and other risks.

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C | 3:30 pm

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