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Organic Seed Activism: A New Roadmap

How seed is bred, produced, and managed will affect the health of people and our planet and the success of farmers and future generations. The organic seed movement is creating systems to ensure that our plant genetic diversity remains in the hands of people, not patent holders. The organic community is committing to seed that’s different from seed produced by biotechnology and chemical companies, which emphasize genetic uniformity and chemical production systems. Organic Seed Alliance has just completed a five-year update of its State of Organic Seed report. The fascinating results will be presented here, with a collaborative roadmap to grow, adapt, and protect more organic seed. Organic seed activists will discuss efforts to advance the use of organic seed and to craft federal policy favoring organic seed research. California-specific data will be shared, along with progress on building organic seed systems across the state.

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E | 1:30 pm

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