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A Sponsor Presented event: Organic Ingredients, the need is growing!

This session will be addressing the lack of increased North American organic grain production, while eater’s demand for more organic foods are drastically increasing. Some consequences are that organic ingredients are being sourced abroad, even though they can be produced with high quality right here. What are the barriers to increased transition of both acres and farmers to organic? Is there room for entry of new farmers going organic from the start?  Is this a dilemma, or an opportunity?  How do we address the barriers? We can formulate the answers.


Dag Falck, Natures Path, Richmond, BC; Nathaniel Lewis, Senior Crops and Livestock Specialist, Organic Trade Association, WA. Brise Tencer, Ex.Dir Organic Farming Research Foundation, California.



Sponsored By: 
Natures Path, Organic Trade Association, Organic Farming Research Foundation

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D | 10:30 am

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Thank you to our EcoFarm 2022 sponsors!