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Weed Blasting and Mechanical Weeding for Row Crops and Perennials

After a decade of using compressed air and abrasive grit for blasting weeds, farmers are giving it high praise. Using an air compressor and low-cost sand-blasting equipment, farmers blast the weeds, even within the row of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, corn, grains, beans, and strawberries, without damaging the crop. Modifications are used in row crops, grains, turf, orchards, vines, and berries. Grit-sized organic fertilizers are used to “weed and feed.” This equipment can be built on-farm for a few hundred dollars. Andrew will discuss successes and challenges in the organic weed control he utilizes on more than 200 acres of veggies, including cultivators, sleds, stale beds, transplants, dust mulch, plastic mulch, drip irrigation, cover crops, rotations, timing, and more.

* This  workshop is approved for 1.5 Pest Management CEU credits for Certified Crop Advisors and 1.5 Other CEU credits for Pest Control Advisors. 

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Seasoned Farmers & Ranchers
D | 10:30 am

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