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Back to Basics: Cover Crops and Green Manures for Annual and Perennial Crops

Our speaker will discuss the practical aspects of utilizing cover crops and green manures in annual and perennial crops based on 40+ years of practice and research. Topics to be covered include how to choose a cover crop for different crops, seasons, climates, tilled or nontilled, grazing, hay, composting, mulching, and more. The discussion will look at utilizing legumes, grasses, brassicas, and forbs in a wide range of climates and crops. Species, varieties, planting timing and techniques, soil preferences, pest management, weed management, harvest or incorporation management, legume inoculation, nutrition, use in dryland or irrigated environments, seed saving, resources, equipment, and tools will be considered. The practices will be applicable to hand-scale, small-scale or larger mechanical scale production of all common crops. Every farm can benefit from growing cover crops.

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Beginning Farmers & Ranchers
A | 8:30 am

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