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Carbon Farming - Challenges and Opportunities of a Grazier's Career

Can the camaraderie of an inclusive community of graziers be the first step in solving a host of economic and climatic societal challenges? Join graziers Doniga Markegard of Markegard Grass Fed and Ariel Greenwood of Holistic Ag, two enterprises using livestock to restore native biodiversity and ecosystem health. In this workshop with and for broad acre practitioners, we will explore the opportunities and challenges of choosing a grazier's lifestyle to gain one's livelihood. We’ll address key factors, including land access models, surprises and “wish we’d knowns,” income models and adaptations for economic conditions. Participants and panelists will discuss current opportunities to leverage the carbon farming movement to support life-affirming livelihoods while promoting a return to ruminants on the land. 

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TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation

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G | 8:30 am

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Doniga Markegard

Doniga Markegard
Presenter Affiliation: 
Markegard Family Grass-Fed
Author of Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild and regenerative rancher Doniga brings a perspective rooted in nature.Along with her husband and four children, Doniga owns and operates Markegard Family Grass-Fed LLC raising grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork, chicken and dairy supplying the Bay Area with local, nutrient dense foods. The family ranch leases coastal ranches throughout the Bay Area spanning over 10,000 acres. She is dedicated to finding ways to regenerate lands and community through ranching practices that build soil, sequester carbon, capture and purify water and enhance habitat.



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