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Connecting the Cost of Production with Profitable Pricing

It is critical for farmers to know their costs of production in order to make informed business decisions about pricing, crop mix, market-channel mix, scale, production practices, capital investments, and more. How do you calculate COP? What are the pieces of the puzzle? How much does each crop have to generate to earn its place in your field? Dina Izzo works with farmers to understand the basic principles of business planning, including crop planning and marketing strategies. Over a 37-year career, Dina has successfully taught hundreds of farmers meaningful lessons with a gentle paw. Marisa Alcorta was recently the General Manager for a new 75 acre farm project at Pie Ranch and is now the Beginning Farmer Apprenticeship Coordinator at the Center for Land Based Learning in Winters. Marisa has been working with small farmers for the last 16 years, spending 7 of those years training beginning farmers with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT).

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