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Discussion Group - Diversify EcoFarm: What Will it Take?

If we are committed to diversifying our EcoFarm movement, what hard work do we need to do to make it happen? Diversification does not simply “happen” because we invite speakers from different racial and ethnic groups to the EcoFarm Conference. On the contrary, we all need to examine our own privilege, power, access, and opportunities, exploring deep within ourselves what it means to share and open up the space that has been dominated by our close-knit circle for so long. Are you willing to rethink and adjust your agenda, share power and prestige, broaden your focus, take on new issues in support of diversification? Empower yourself to join the conversation and learn what it takes. Everyone is most welcome.  This session will be hosted by EcoFarm’s Diversity Advisory Group.

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EcoFarm's Diversity Advisory Group

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Social Justice Advocacy & Cultural Diversity
A | 8:30 am

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