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Reviving Local Grains

Grains, those staples of our diet, have long been missing from local foodsheds. Now small-scale farmers are bringing back these essential foods. Learn about the current California grain revival, and how to grow, condition, and market grains from three farmers with innovative and varying management and marketing systems.

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B | 10:30 am

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Fred Farr

Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen
Presenter Affiliation: 
National Young Farmers Coalition, Farmer Mai
Mai Nguyen grows heirloom grains and vegetables in Northern California using a no-till, dry-farming method with draft horses – all in the midst of a historic drought! Having studied climate research in college, Mai got interested in the two big issues we face as a global society: climate change and social inequality. Aside from growing organic heritage grains and Southeast Asian crops under the Farmer Mai label, she assists other small-scale grain farmers across California to create regional grain hubs.



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