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So You Want to Be An Organic Retailing Star

Well, listen now to what I say. Just get yourself a nice little farm and find a beater restaurant you can afford. Doesn’t need to be in Beverly, Berkeley or Mountain View. Then get yourself a band with some bakers, some cooks, some cleaners, all who don’t mind all the work and who play together reasonably well. Fill the place up with used chairs and stoves and Hobart mixers. Never buy new and learn how to fix. Grow yourself a menu and a grocery display with just enough of this and not too much of that and never, ever run out of onions or lettuce. The Farmer and The Cook are going to spill the beans on bootstrapping a legit farm-to-table gig. They were thinking of franchising but it sounds like too much of a headache.

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G | 8:30 am

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