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Sponsor Presented Session: Scaling Together: Key Lessons Learned from a Year with Blue Apron, Jan 25 5:00-7:00pm

Join Matthew Wadiak, co-founder and COO of Blue Apron, Chris Hay of Say Hay Farms, Patrick Johnston of Dwelley Farms and Christine Coke of Coke Farms to hear first-hand how farms are engaging and scaling with the new and growing home delivery grocery industry.

Over the past year, Blue Apron's Farm Partnerships and Innovation Team launched a data-driven crop planning model to maximize the company's ability to work with regional farms. Three of Blue Apron’s partner farms will explain how the climate-based crop planning model impacted their growing practices and businesses. Learn about the challenges these farmers and Blue Apron faced while building this new supply chain and the efficiencies that have emerged from these collaborative partnerships. In addition, hear how Blue Apron plans to match technology and the tools of precision agriculture with long-term crop planning to continue to create positive changes across the food system.

Moderated by Ariane Michas, West Coast Regional Farm Partnerships and Innovation Manager. Enjoy over Blue Apron wine and complimentary snacks! 

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Thank you to our EcoFarm 2019 sponsors!