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Advances in Organic Insect, Disease and Nematode Management

A prime opportunity to learn of advances in organic management of pests and disease, this session will feature companies working in the field for decades. Larry will discuss Botector and Blossom Protect, biological controls that work through natural competition using Aureobasidium pullulans on the plant surface to inhibit botrytis in grapes and tomatoes, anthracnose, botrytis, phomopsis and rhizopus fruit rot in berries, blossom blight and brown rot in almonds and stone fruit, and fireblight in pears and apples. He will also detail Suppress, a broad spectrum, non-selective contact herbicide containing caprylic and capric acid for use in food and non-food crops. Tim will feature his companies Majestine bio nematicide, Venerate bio insecticide and miticide, and Stargus, a bio fungicide active against downy mildew and a wide range of fungi. Tim will also present “The Best Use of Biopesticides in IPM Programs”. He will provide information on how to best utilize any biopesticide in organic farming. Biopesticides are increasingly being adopted not only by organic growers but also by conventional growers. This presentation will provide basic training on biopesticides and how best to use them to maximize their effectiveness based on their unique modes of action.

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Pests, Beneficials, Habitat
A | 8:30 am

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