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Discussion Group: Agroecology: What's it to you?

“Agroecology” is not a common term in U.S. food movements. Yet it is gaining legitimacy globally. Combining science, traditional farming knowledge, and political advocacy, the term agroecology is now promoted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, international farmer movements like La Vía Campesina, and many major NGOs and philanthropists. Many food producers have long worked in ways that might be described as “agroecological,” without necessarily being aware of the term. This workshop will host a facilitated discussion for those working at the frontlines of food-systems change to debate the use of "agroecology:" Is it a term worth using? Why or why not? How might agroecology support the expansion of organic and ecological farming and food systems in California? Let’s discuss! 

Facilitated by Antonio Roman-Alcalá, Agroecology Organizing Project, Berkeley, CA

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E | 1:30 pm

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Oak Shelter



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