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Discussion Group: The Middle Path

The Middle Path vision for the organic trade and movement is to transform agriculture to sustainable, regenerative methods that don’t undermine planetary life-support systems. We will accomplish this through continual, practical use of alliances and resources. Despite our need to move quickly to make Organic the dominant paradigm in agriculture, we need to accept that we cannot proceed at our ideal pace without risking elements of organic infrastructure that are very difficult to recoup if lost. Taking the “Middle Path” means strategizing with organic stakeholders about incremental steps, while laying the foundation for the next progressive action toward our end goal. This requires trust, transparency, systems-thinking, and resolve amongst all of us – to focus our battle outward rather than inward.

David Lively of Organically Grown Company and Lynn Coody will facilitate.

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Marketing, Retail, & Wholesale
B | 10:30 am

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