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Eliminating Hunger: The First Requisite of Agricultural Sustainability

Doria Robinson and John Ikerd will address the “first requisite of agricultural sustainability:” meeting the basic food needs of all in the present time, thus eliminating hunger. If we are serious about the sustainability of our food, we must move beyond food security to food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is a commitment to local food security. Doria’s accomplishments with Urban Tilth in Richmond provide a great example. They work with schools, community gardens and urban farms to teach and employ community members to grow, distribute, cook, and consume local produce. The group is creating a more equitable and just food system within a healthier and more self-sufficient community. Together consumers, citizens and farmers make a common commitment to ensuring enough good food for all.

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John Ikerd

John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, was raised on a small dairy farm in Missouri and received his Ph.D. in Ag Econ from the University of Missouri. He worked in private industry and spent 30 years in various professorial positions at several different state universities before retiring. He is the author of six published books, including Small Farms are Real Farms: Sustaining People Through Agriculture, and one free online book. John is a powerful speaker. 


Doria Robinson

Doria Robinson is a third-generation resident of Richmond, California. She is Executive Director of Urban Tilth, helping the Richmond community build a more sustainable, healthy and just food system through urban agriculture. She is formally trained as a Watershed Restoration Ecologist, and is a certified Permaculture Designer, Bay-Friendly Gardener, Nutrition Educator, and Yoga Instructor. Doria was recognized as Contra Costa County Environmental Advocate of the Year and Woman of the Year in 2010. She was awarded the Community Resiliency Leadership Award in 2011 from Bay Localize.

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Keynote | 1:30 pm

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Merrill Hall

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Aug 14 2017
Merrill Hall



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