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Habitat and Holistic Care for Honey Bees

Honey bee colonies are facing a crisis due in large part to conventional approaches to beekeeping and crop pollination. The urgency of the problem makes it imperative to inquire into the complexity and dynamics of biotic systems, and to implement creative solutions that support honey bees and the health of our farms. In this workshop, we will discuss a process of “rewilding” honey bee nests, harkening back to historic log hives and bee trees. The presenters will also discuss ways to increase the pollination potential on farms, including habitat restoration and supplemental plantings. This workshop will provide attendees with practical tips for supporting honey bee colonies on farms year-round, emphasizing sustainable and biodynamic principles. 

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Pests / Beneficials / Habitat
G | 8:30 am

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Emily Bondor

Emily Bondor
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Santa Cruz Bee Company



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