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Advancing Equity in Ecological Farming


Join us for a creative exploration of how we can collectively move towards greater justice, equity, and liberation in our food and agriculture system. Grounded in the philosophy that “we are the ones we have been waiting for,” we will draw upon the knowledge and power of the folks in the room to co-create an interactive day of panel discussions, identity-based caucus/break-out groups, and dialogue. We hope to address root causes of inequity, and explore strategies for moving forward in healthy relationships with one another and the land.

We will begin with a discussion of how colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy are used to justify the consolidation of wealth and power in the food system, and the exploitation of bodies and natural resources. We will then dig deeper; how can we - as individuals and as organizations, including EcoFarm - subvert these systems, and rebuild an equitable and just (food) system? How does social identity impact how we show up in this work, and what do we do with the knowledge and experience we each bring to the table? How do our diverse experiences actually strengthen our ability to be creative problem-solvers? We know that no movement for social justice has ever succeeded without the full participation and leadership of those most affected. Thus, how can we shift power and resources towards supporting knowledge, politics, and philosophies led and developed by marginalized folks on the front lines of radical social change? The day will focus on uplifting the voices and work of our diverse community, and set the foundation for the following few days of celebrating resilience, building connection, and shaping change at EcoFarm 2019.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 – 9am - 5pm

Registration: $80* (Organic lunch included)

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Ecological Farming Association (EcoFarm)

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Activism, Policy, Community
Equity, Food Justice & Sovereignty
Social Justice Advocacy & Cultural Diversity

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Karen Washington

Karen Washington
Presenter Affiliation: 
Rise & Root Farm
Karen Washington is a farmer and  community activist, striving to make the New York City a better place to live. As a community gardener and board member of the New York Botanical Gardens, she worked with Bronx neighborhoods to turn empty lots into community gardens. As an advocate, and former president of the New York City Community Garden Coalition, she stood up and spoke out for garden protection and preservation. As a member of the La Familia Verde Garden Coalition, she helped launch a City Farms Market, bringing fresh vegetables to the community. Karen is a board member of Farm School NYC, leading workshops on growing food and food justice across the country, Soul Fire Farm and organization committed to undoing racism and injustice in the food system and Why Hunger a grassroots support organization aimed at ending hunger. In 2010, Co- Founded Black Urban Growers (BUGS) an organization supporting growers in both urban and rural settings, and most recently in 2019 co-founded Black Farmer Fund aimed at supporting black farms and businesses with capital and resources in New York State.In 2012, Ebony magazine voted her one of their 100 most influential African Americans in the country and in 2014 was the recipient of the James Beard Leadership Award. Since retiring from Physical Therapy in 2014, Karen is Co-owner/Farmer at Rise & Root Farm in Chester New York. 



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