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Discussion Group: Introduction to IFOAM's Organic 3.0

Organic 3.0 for truly sustainable farming and consumption is a guiding concept developed by Markus Arbenz, David Gould and Christopher Stopes. The paper is based on the work of the Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network, the International Federation of Agricultural Movements – Organics International, the IFOAM Action Group, and the Global Organic Movement. Organic 3.0 offers an out-of-the-box approach to the dilemmas faced by organic trade today. The authors challenge us to hold onto the vision and values that have brought us through Organic 1.0 and 2.0, finding ways to embrace a broader community of sustainable effort. This listening session will be focused on the 2nd updated edition (2016) of this effort, especially the six "features:" innovation, best practice, transparency and integrity, wider sustainability interests, empowerment from farm to eater, and true value and cost accounting. Our group will provide feedback to Organic 3.0's authors.

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Certifications, Organics, & Regulations
A | 8:30 am

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