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Replacing, Reducing and Recycling On-Farm Plastic

It can take up to 500 years for plastic to decompose. Recyclers struggle to create durable products from recycled farm plastics and to gain support for them. Agricultural plastic is difficult to recycle, due to the need to separate various plastic types, and to its contamination with soil and plant residues (50% by weight, on average). While plastic and biodegradable mulch can reduce weeds, conserve soil moisture, moderate temperatures, and increase yields, each has its own issues and considerations. Learn about recycling agricultural plastic, how biodegradable alternatives can replace plastic mulches, and the changes needed to meet certified organic standards. Hear the ins and outs of plastic recycling and replacement from a researcher of biodegradable mulches, an innovative plastic producer, and a farmer with experience in alternatives.

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Crops, Seed, Tools, & Technology
F | 3:30 pm

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