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Turn Fire Hazards into Food Forests with Hügelkultur

Hügelkultur, pronounced “hoo-gul-culture,” means hill culture or hill mound. Learn about this fascinating no-dig raised-bed method for building soil and also about "hugel-swales" that are buried on contour for hotter, drier climates. Use them to grow crops and food forests, reduce fire hazards, capture rainwater and carbon, and reduce water needs, while cleaning soil and watersheds. Moon Gazer Farms owners Josh & Sandra Khankhanian successfully build living soil from materials on or near their land without tilling. This is achieved by burying wood and other carbon sources as they manage their oak woodlands. Samyol Soulfyre has been experimenting and teaching with Full Circle Garden Solutions to turn fire hazards into food forests in drier regions with hugelkultur swales.

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Permaculture, Gardening, Food, Health
F | 3:30 pm

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