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Two Part Soil Series Part II: Organic Soil Fertility Management for Vegetables and Strawberries

Soil is the foundation of the farming system and provides resilience and redundant mechanisms for pest and fertility management. This Double Session on soil fertility and health will look at analyzing soils to focus on the intersection between the biological, chemical, and physical parameters and utilize testing as a tracking tool, rather than a prescription for management decisions.


A healthy, biologically active soil is necessary to produce fast maturing, leafy green vegetables and strawberries. Vegetables have a high demand for nitrogen for a short period of time while strawberries require smaller amounts of nitrogen over a longer period of time. The presenters, who have researched fertilization extensively in vegetables and strawberries, will discuss the availability of nitrogen from soil organic matter, organic fertilizers, and irrigation water. Topics to be covered include understanding nitrogen demand in vegetables; efficient placement of dry fertilizers; improving the efficiency of liquid organic fertilizer applications through drip systems; and quantities of nitrogen provided from soil organic matter. The goal of this discussion is to help you make your fertility programs more efficient and economical, while maintaining overall soil health.

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Soil, Fertility, & Production
B | 10:30 am

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