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Rosie & Ward Burroughs and Family

Rosie & Ward Burroughs and Family

Ward and Rosie Burroughs farm with their children and their families, carrying on a family farming legacy in existance for over a century. The Burroughs family own and operate farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley and Southeastern Oregon. Burroughs Family Farms is the marketing flagship of
all the organic products from Full Circle Dairy, California Cloverleaf Farms, Burroughs Family Orchards, and CCF Sullivan Ranch, including almonds, beef, cheese, free-range pastured chickens, grass-based dairies, eggs, seasonal meat birds, and olives. Over the past 17 years, they have converted all of their farms to organic.

The Burroughs are continually refining and enhancing their systems to reduce water use and improve soil fertility by focusing on nourishing soil biology and increasing biodiversity. The Burroughs use regenerative agricultural practices that put at the center of their management decisions an emphasis
on regenerating soil biology rather than depleting it or substituting it with chemical inputs.

In 2016 Rosie and Ward Burroughs co-founded the CSU Chico Regenerative Agriculture Initiative, now known as the Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems.

The Burroughs believe that their greatest legacy is passing down the farm, the most precious of natural resources, to future generations, in better condition than when they inherited the land.



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