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CANCELLED - Poems of Earth and Spirit: Locally Wildcrafted Poetry, 2:00-3:00pm

Come enjoy a peaceful, nourishing flow of poetry that honors and celebrates our kinship with all life. These intimate, original poems are co-created with towering redwoods, flowing streams, and singing birds and infused with love for people and the Earth. They will help you see trees, water, and your fellow creatures with new eyes and feel them with a more open heart. This session is not just a reading, but an evocative and engaging journey that invites you into a deeper communion with the natural world.

Kai Siedenburg is a nature connection guide, Ecotherapist, and poet who is passionate about helping people connect with the healing power of nature for the benefit of all beings. In her “past life,” she was a sustainable food systems advocate for over 25 years. Poems of Earth and Spirit is her first book.

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