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Harvesting Hedgerows: Planting Elderberry for Biodiversity and Income

Native hedgerows on farm edges attract beneficial insects, store carbon and prevent water runoff. What if they could provide a source of farm income too? Our panel will include an organic farmer who uses California’s native blue elderberries both for biodiversity on her farm and for making value-added products. We will also hear from a researcher with information on flavor and nutritional analyses of the native blue elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea), and from an artisanal maker of elderberry products who sources from local farmers. Blue elderberry grows in a wide range of conditions, from arid to coastal to mountains and has strong potential for market growth. Anyone interested in growing and/or using elderberry is welcome to join in the discussion.

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Soil, Production, Crops, Regulations
E | 1:30 pm

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