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The National Organic Program: Whose Interests Should It Protect?

Can the National Organic Program rise to meet current-day challenges, such as protecting family farmers and biodiversity, addressing food system inequities, and mitigating climate change impacts? The Organic Food Production Act (OFPA) passed in 1990 with a vision to become the gold standard of food production, and was backed by rigorous regulations, robust public participation, and transparency. OFPA aimed to protect small, medium-sized, and family farmers; safeguard human health; improve soils; and treat animals humanely. Three decades later, organic is big business. Pioneer organic brands have been swallowed up by multinationals. Entire sectors such as organic dairy and grain are under threat. Add-on labels have emerged to bridge the gaps where USDA organic has fallen short. Explore these issues and engage in this frank discussion about the future of organic.

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Organics, Policy
D | 10:30 am

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