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The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution, Part II: How to Farm No-Till on a Small Scale

While working on a no-till research farm 15 years ago, Andrew Mefferd realized that the method he had learned didn't scale down to the size of his farm. When he discovered that growers had developed their own smaller-scale no-till systems, he interviewed 19 of them for his book, The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution. In this workshop, Mefferd talks about the important differences between conventional herbicide-dependent no-till, and organic no-till techniques. He then outlines the broad methods for doing organic no-till, including a comparison of mulch grown in place (that is, the roller-crimper method) vs. mulch applied to the soil (compost mulch, deep straw mulch, and cardboard mulch). Find out how to decide on a method and implement it.

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Regenerative Agriculture
Soil, Production, Crops, Regulations
B | 10:30 am

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