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A Permaculture Collaborative: City Repair meets Social Forestry

Join two iconic Oregonian permaculture teachers for a day of deep learning and brainstorming on place-making using tools from City Repair and Social Forestry. Permaculture was developed as a way to build the farm and garden, and its strategies can be extended to “the commons.” It’s imperative in 2020: We must bring humans into deeper connection with Mother Earth in order to positively vision—and create—a planet, and communities both urban and rural—where we as a species and as a society want to live.

Mark Lakeman has helped folks in urban neighborhoods reclaim public spaces with art and celebration—and created colorful policy changes that have literally changed the face of Portland. (He has also led workshops for citizen activists who are visioning public space in downtown Santa Cruz.) Hazel aka Tom Ward will explain the meaning of social forestry, with roots that go back to ancient times. Social Forestry connects villages and communities to their forested water catchment basin. The overall goal is ecological restoration of whole drainage basins with a spirit of tending the commons.

Mark and Hazel will then facilitate a lively conversation and design charette that bring these complementary systems together. Attendees will come away inspired and with an appreciation of both systems, and clarity about next steps.

Wednesday, January 22

9:00am - 5:00pm

Asilomar Conference Grounds

$90 per person (includes an organic lunch and chocolate cake)


*Scholarships are available to attend this pre-conference through sponsor Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping at no cost! Email for more information.

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Facilitated by: Ken Foster, Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

This is the 20th year in a row that Ken Foster is riding his bike to EcoFarm! About Ken, he has dedicated his life to caring for the environment and community through sustainable landscaping and permaculture. A Santa Cruz, California native, Ken was 13 years old in 1970 when he met British master gardener Alan Chadwick, the famous visionary and founder of the UC Santa Cruz Farm & Garden. This informed his young mind and set his life on a path. A landscape contractor since 1991, Foster founded and co-owns Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping with his wife, fellow landscaper Jillian Steinberger-Foster. Foster teaches permaculture at Cabrillo College. He was formerly on the EcoFarm board of directors, and has been on the planning committee for over 25 years.

Sponsor: Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping - Known for “Unpaving the way since 1988,” Terra Nova is a full-service landscape contracting company that designs, builds and maintains ecological landscapes and gardens in harmony with nature. Focusing on the creation of beautiful living systems for public and private lands, Terra Nova offers expertise in sustainability, organics, permaculture, native and Mediterranean plants, edible landscaping and homestead support, medicinal gardens and more. They serve over 50 residential, commercial and public clients by bicycle with their Tread Lightly™ maintenance program in Santa Cruz.

Thanks to Santa Cruz Permaculture, Siskiyou Permaculture, and City Repair for helping develop this collaboration.


Sponsored By: 
Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

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Permaculture, Gardening, Food, Health

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Mark Lakeman

Mark Lakeman
Presenter Affiliation: 
City Repair
Visionary architect Mark Lakeman of Communitecture and City Repair, based in Portland, is a thought leader and innovator who has used creative strategies to change civic policy for urban placemaking in Portland and other locales. He presents in the States and internationally, and is a regular presenter at UCSC’s Common Ground Institute.

Hazel aka Tom Ward

Hazel aka Tom Ward
Presenter Affiliation: 
Siskiyou Permaculture
Hazel aka Tom Ward is a legendary permaculture teacher who runs Siskiyou Permaculture in the Southern Oregon / Mount Shasta Bioregion. She also teaches and designs nationally and internationally. She helped Bill Mollison teach the first U.S. Permaculture Design Course at Evergreen State College back in 1982, and she has taught and mentored many of the permaculture teachers who are famous here in California today. Many Californians studying permaculture have been traveling North to study with her—it’s a trend!



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