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Seen But Not Heard: Women of Color in Agriculture

This workshop will highlight some of the many challenges faced by women of color in agriculture. As farmers and farmworkers, they may be visible, and sometimes are made hyper-visible. Their particular presence, experiences, voices and contributions, however, are often only marginally included in discussions of women and agriculture. These women in agriculture will discuss how they successfully navigate the everyday challenges of being marginalized, silenced and oppressed—not least by other women. Creating community in agriculture, particularly among diverse women, is messy but needs to acknowledge undervalued lives, livelihoods and entanglements. This first step is necessary to facilitate changes in who is “seen and heard.”

This session will be bilingual in English and Spanish. 

Track and Session Info

Equity, Social Justice, Food Sovereignty
Women in Food & Agriculture
B | 10:30 am

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