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An Untold History: Asians In Farming

Asian growers have played a significant role in the history of farming in the U.S., but their contributions often remain untold. This discussion will include a presentation that reviews some of the key milestones of Asian farmers on the Central Coast and especially the Salinas Valley, with a focus on specific crops such as strawberries and green onions. The workshop traces the origins of why certain vegetables were grown in this area, why Asians grew them in the Salinas Valley, and the techniques and strategies they brought to farming in this region. The speakers use that history to begin an engaging discussion about the state of Asian growers in the U.S. now, and the diversity of reasons why they are farming, such as young growers keen on regenerative agriculture, those who farm as a cultural tie to heritage, etc. 

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Beginning Farmers & Ranchers
Equity, Food Justice & Sovereignty
Women in Food & Agriculture
D | 10:30 am

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