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Wise Words From Seasoned Farmers

Please join us for another memorable session as we hear about the farming careers of our agrarian elders. David Katz is a lifelong social activist, farmer, conservationist, and entrepreneur. He had major roles in founding the organic agriculture movement in California. David co-founded the Organic Farming Research Foundation, and was CEO of agAccess, a pioneer publisher of organic farming books. In addition, he has comprehensive experience as a natural resource and land management advisor to families and institutions and is a co-developer of the innovative Nigiri Project for salmon in the Sacramento River and Bay Delta. David holds degrees from UC Davis and Yale School of Forestry. Wendy Johnson and Peter Rudnick were among the first residents of the SF Zen Center’s Green Gulch Farm in coastal Marin  in the early 1970s. Peter became the head farmer for more than 30 years, teaching hundreds of neophytes organic farming. Wendy was the head gardener for nearly 40 years. Together they created a beautiful, practical, and functional educational production organic farm and garden, renowned for flowers and vegetables. Wendy is the author of “Gardening at the Dragons Gate,” a consultant and instructor on numerous projects, and frequent speaker at EcoFarm. Peter has helped numerous farms on the West Coast to develop and improve their projects, known as the “Small Farmer at Large.” Today they operate an organic container nursery focused on plants for coastal California.

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Beginning Farmers & Ranchers
C | 3:30 pm

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