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Community Agreements - EcoFarm Conference 2021

Community Agreements

EcoFarm seeks to create a community and culture that is respectful, open, curious, and kind. Please join us in these agreements to create a good experience for all. EcoFarm reserves the right to mute or remove an attendee if they are out of line with these agreements.

Commitment to equity - EcoFarm is committed to engaging in the work to dismantle racism and we invite you to join us. Let's continually seek to educate ourselves and our communities and take action.

No one knows everything; Together we know a lot - Let’s practice humility, and look for what we have to learn from each person in any given session. Share what we know, as well as our questions, so that others may learn from us.

Communicate with respect - Please be thoughtful and kind when communicating with others. Our words have power, whether spoken or written.

More Listening, More Speaking - If you’re someone who tends to listen more, please move into a role of speaking more. If you tend to speak more, please move into a role of listening more.

One Mic - Please, one person speak at a time and please be sure to mute your mic while you are not speaking.

Confidentiality - Please don’t speak for others without explicit permission, don’t share something communicated in a private or safe space.

Speak from your own experience - Use I statements rather than generalizations. This helps everyone move forward.

Be aware of time - This is helpful for your facilitators, and helps to respect everyone’s time and commitment.

Be curious - We make better decisions when we approach our problems and challenges with questions (“What if we…?”) and curiosity. Allow space for play, curiosity, and creative thinking.

Acknowledge the difference between intent and impact - Intent and the impact of our actions are two different things, please let’s take responsibility for any negative impact we have and count on that same care from others

Sexual Harassment Conference Policy

EcoFarm is committed to providing a conference environment that is safe, secure
and free of sexual harassment. We have a zero-tolerance for sexual harassment
which we strictly enforce at the conference and all EcoFarm-sponsored events. If
you feel that you have been sexually harassed in any matter, please immediately
report the incident to Andy Fisher, EcoFarm’s Executive Director or Gabi Salazar,
EcoFarm’s Program Director, and we will take swift action to eliminate the threat.



Thank you to our EcoFarm 2021 sponsors!