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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

Visit the EcoFarm Expo, Jan 20 - 23 to find the following Experts and their booths along with their contact info + dates/hours available for appointments!

Take advantage of the opportunity to get personalized advice from highly knowledgeable industry professionals. During half-hour, one-on-one sessions, experts will offer in depth consultations focused on your individual business needs. 

Conozca a los Expertos

Visite la EcoFarm Expo, del 20 al 23 de enero para encontrar los siguientes expertos y sus puestos junto con su información de contacto + fechas / horas disponibles para citas.

Durante la conferencia EcoFarm tendremos disponible para los asistentes la sesión “Conozca a los Expertos” donde tendrán la oportunidad de recibir consejos personalizados de profesionales de la industria altamente capacitados. Los expertos ofrecerán sesiones individualizadas por media hora en las salas de chat, para proporcionar consultas detalladas centradas en las necesidades de su negocio.

Algunos sesiones estarán disponibles en español.


Bookkeeping and Budgeting Processes for Your Farm Business

Rebecca Frimmer | Entrepreneur in Residence | Kitchen Table Consultants

Do you have questions about your farm budget or how to keep track of your financial goals and progress throughout the year? Kitchen Table Consultant's Rebecca Frimmer can help you address your bookkeeping and budgeting processes, or how to look at an opportunity assessment through the financial lens, and what those right next steps should be.

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Marketing Consultant for Beginning Farmers

Dina Izzo

Dina Izzo has 40 years of produce experience. Her company, BluDog offers marketing guidance with a gentle paw to those who must brave creating a marketing strategy! 

The objective of Dina’s work is to secure a sustainable and just food system by educating growers how to be successful in their chosen marketplace. Clients also include food based businesses that understand the value of the direct connection with the farm.


Farm Labor: You can manage labor on a farm to a budget 

Ted LeBow - Kitchen Table Consultants

Farm Profit:  It’s not elusive if you watch it daily. Ted LeBow is a serial entrepreneur & the co-founder and CEO of Kitchen Table Consultants, a consulting practice that has worked with over 400 sustainable food and farm-related companies. He and his team are an Entrepreneur’s Best Nightmare. He’s run 14 small businesses, 8 of which he owned all or part of. Ted’s two passions are financial sustainability and growing entrepreneurs and their teams.  

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Ted LeBow el cofundador y director general de Kitchen Table Consultants (Consultores de la Mesa de la Cocina), una empresa consultora que ha trabajado con más de 400 negocios alimentarios sostenibles agrícolas. Él ha administrado 14 pequeñas empresas, 8 de las cuales eran su propiedad total o parcial. Las dos pasiones de Ted son la sostenibilidad financiera y la expansión de empresarios y sus equipos.

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Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills

Olivia Boyce-Abel

Olivia Boyce-Abel is a nationally known mediator/facilitator/consultant with over 25 years of experience working with families and business partners on succession and estate planning issues around jointly held family lands and businesses. She has successfully facilitated/mediated over 160 families, bringing them to collaborative agreements and circumventing conflict, misunderstandings, painful divisions, and even litigation. In addition, she has published, presented workshops, and lectured nationwide on family lands preservation.


Markets Access | Business & Financial Management | Capital Access

David Mancera | Business Advising | Kitchen Table Advisors

Do you have questions about access to markets, business/financial management, and access to capital for your farm business?  Kitchen Table Advisor's David Mancera can help you with any farm business question that addresses the long-term economic viability of your farm business.

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¿Tiene Preguntas sobre el acceso a los mercados, la administración comercial y financiera y el acceso al capital para su negocio agrícola? David Mancera de Kitchen Table Advisors puede ayudarlo con cualquier pregunta sobre negocios agrícolas que aborde la viabilidad económica a largo plazo de su negocio agrícola.


Farmland Access

Fran Miller & David Mancera | Farmland Access & Legal Tools | Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

Do you have questions about access to farmland? David Mancera and Center for Agriculture and Food Systems’ Fran Miller can help you with any farmland access questions you have.                               

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¿Tiene preguntas sobre el acceso a las tierras agrícolas? David Mancera y Fran Miller del Center for Agriculture and Food Systems pueden ayudarlo con cualquier pregunta que tenga sobre el acceso a tierras agrícolas.


Navigating Farm Succession Planning

Liya Schwartzman 

Liya Schwartzman has been working in partnership with farmers on behalf of California FarmLink since 2010. She has supported hundreds of farmers and ranchers in accessing land, securing strong tenure agreements, exploring financing, and facilitating farmland and business succession plans. Liya also directs farmers to a variety of resources from FarmLink, its partners, and service providers nationwide. She is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences on topics of importance to beginning and retiring farmers and ranchers. Liya was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Nature and Culture. She now resides in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento, and enjoys all the fruits and vegetables that California has to offer. 


Community Wellness Trainings (CRT™) 

Elena Velez

Elena Velez offers CRT™ a Community Wellness Training. She is a Certified Medical Interpreter/Translator who also has been providing environmental education to the Latinx Community and now is also encouraging a balanced and healthier lifestyle throughout her holistic restorative workshops which can be performed anytime, anywhere (virtually and/or onsite). Her work experience has lead her to understand that by practicing daily simple mindful and yet very effective healthy habits, we can prevent work injuries that will easily lead to serious work restrictions. Evidence has shown that groups working in a supportive and positive environment will thrive, increasing efficiency, productivity and strengthening their sense of connection and organizational effectiveness. Establishing a healthy and reliable environment for your employees is not only crucial, but also cost effective.

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La evidencia muestra que los grupos que trabajan en un entorno positivo y de apoyo prosperarán, aumentando la eficiencia y la productividad, fortaleciendo así su sentido de conexión, confianza  y organizacion.



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