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Black Food Justice & Sovereignty

This panel will center on food justice and food sovereignty for Black communities. Black Earth Farms is an agro-ecologically guided organization composed of Black, Brown, melanated, folks of color who are humbled to be building deeper relationship to land, themselves, and each other through earthwork, movement healing, music, and youth education. They are currently focusing on activating the Kwanzaa principles of Kujichagalia (self determination) and Ujima (cooperative work and responsibility) through a CSA program as well as Sankofa Gardens. The CSA has focused on growing, harvesting, and delivering nutrient-dense and chemical -free food to low-income communities that are experiencing food apartheid, while Sankofa Gardens facilitates "neighbor labor" building projects through. Their goal has been to prioritize people who have been put out of work by COVID-19, those with low or no income, Black folks who are experiencing racialized police terrorism, LGBTQIA+ folks, people who are food-insecure and/or housing-insecure, and organizers and organizations that are working toward the liberation of oppressed peoples.

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Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty
E | 10:00am

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