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CSA, Meet COVID-19!

COVID-19 set a premium on good health and trust. And Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) — long an under-appreciated niche model — offers health and trust in abundance. In this workshop we will hear from farmers who rose to the occasion during a CSA surge, offering consumers an alternative to crowded grocery stores and anonymous food, and supplying instead a weekly box of healthy goods from a single local source. Waiting lists are currently very long. Cooperatives are pivoting to CSA-like models between farmers who have lost their previous markets. Find out how CSA farmers have adapted to help a wary world with some peace of mind, a whole lot of vegetables, and a bit of grounding during a chaotic time.

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Business, Labor, Land, Regulations
C | 10:00am PT

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Jan 20 2021 to Jan 23 2021



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