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Digging into the Research of Small-Scale No-Till Farming Systems

This workshop brings together two groups that have been researching small-scale, intensive, minimal-disturbance, ecological farming systems. Since 2017, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) has been working with Singing Frogs Farm, Hillview Farms and others to carry out on-farm research on the soil health impacts of their farming systems. At the same time, the Bowles Laboratory at UC Berkeley has conducted a 3-year experiment looking at the effects of key practices of these farming systems. After several years of soil health data collection, these two groups are ready to discuss their respective research findings, as well as their experiences working with rural and urban farmers who have implemented these farming systems.

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Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials
F | 11:45am PT

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Jan 20 2021 to Jan 23 2021



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